The Last Letters of Jesus: the Secret of the Nazarenes

Historical Fiction illustrating Historical Fact




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An Israeli Holy man... A Judean evil...

In first century Judea, a war is being fought for the soul of the Jewish people. The light of Greek culture has weakened the centuries old power of the Jewish priests but, like a pack of wolves amongst a herd of sheep, extremists and fanatics use violence and terror to enforce their version of God’s will.

The superpower of the Roman state hangs over the Middle East like a hammer. After a hundred years of Jewish riots and assassinations, Emperor Nero is fast running out of patience. On the eve of the final apocalypse, evil covers the land like a shadow.

In a letter to Agrippa, the last King of Israel, a Rabbi of the Great Sanhedrin tells the story of his crucified son and the secret of the Nazarenes.

Thirty years previously...

His son, Rabbi Yeshua bar Yosef, discovers an ancient Jewish teaching that could unite the world but he is imprisoned after a blockade of the temple sacrifices. He desperately tries to warn the Jewish people but too many powerful men want him dead and an assassin is sent to kill him. The secret of the Nazarenes will cost Rabbi Yeshua his family, his humanity and ultimately his life.

‘What you bring forth from within you will save you.

What you fail to bring forth may destroy you.’

Rabbi Yeshua bar Yosef, Gospel of Thomas

Now, with the discovery of the ‘Jesus Family Tomb’, the ‘Jesus Wife’ Papyrus and the Dead Sea Scrolls we can finally glimpse the man behind the Jesus myth. The story of his last week reveals a Jewish mystic who gave his life to stop the cult of animal sacrifice and save the Jewish people.

The ‘Last Letters of Jesus’ places Yeshua back into the context of his time and reveals a world very similar to our own; a world torn apart by prejudice and competing vested interests. The story is set just before the fall of Judea.

The ‘Last Letters of Jesus’ is a work of historical fiction, which brings first century Palestine alive through the prism of modern Kabbalah, contemporary history and first century Jewish thought.

The book is based on years of extensive research, the latest archaeology and modern textual interpretation. The ‘Last Letters of Jesus’ is a work of historical fiction which clearly animates historical fact.

The 'Last Letters of Jesus' suggests new answers to the age-old questions:

'Who was Jesus' and 'what did he really say'?


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Historical Fiction A year after her husband's horrific death, Mary Magdalene must return to a Jerusalem on the verge of a rebellion. Judea is torn between religious fundamentalists and the soldiers of a brutal occupation. In her husband's tomb she finds a mystery that she cannot destroy. To protect a secret she cannot understand she must risk everything she loves. Historical Non-fiction History has two parents: the story and the interpretation. Unfortunately, the Bible started with the interpretation and made the story fit the narrative. Supported by archaeology and non-biblical sources this book looks at the events which shaped the men, who created history and wrote the Bible.
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